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Here are 3 basic types of fake nails, all of them do consist certain amount of  acrylic. The term acrylic nails generally refers to liquid and powder mixtures, which can be combined by dipping acrylic brush to monomer liquid and powder, picked up drop of acrylic on nails dries in air, forming a layer of strong nail extension.

Gel nails are painted on from a tiny pot of gel and after that cured under UV light, the exact same basic technology as gentle gel polishes, but leading to a tougher nail. Acrylic (called “gels” in asian nail salons often) are created by putting on the nail exact same acrylic as we mentioned above, in a liquid and powder systems, just this method needs uv lamp to dry, to make a hard, smooth surface.

We hear many complains about clients having dry, weak nails as a consequence of having acrylic nails, for many years and gel nails also in some cases – with one girl saying that after ten months of weekly manicures, her nails are just returning to normal! Howitzer what Instabeauty thinks is different, “what damages the natural nails isn’t actually the product itself, but the preparation, and the way they’re removed, or in what proceedure natural nails are treated”, says Instabeauty nail tech Mariana. “The issue of weak, dry nails has absolutely nothing to do with the product itself. It can’t ruin your nails. It’ll make them weaker a little, but not as thin as paper. The only thing which can harm them would be your nail technician – should they’ve no clue how to safely apply or remove the nail extensions, or it might be a client – should they peel off their nails rather than having them removed by a pro.” .

What seemed to be a repeating opinion was that gel nail extensions have a tendency to fall off sooner, but look nicer on the nails than acrylics.
In general clients believe acrylics last longer and are stronger, but do not have as nice natural finish as gels. Acrylic nails can be natural looking too thought.

Investing in nail extensions is a great investment. Take some time to yourself and feel confident when it comes to meetings or important interviews were your hands are exposed to many eyes, nail extensions add up to complete You.

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