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6. Tips for better lash extension lasting

Eyelash extensions tips


1. Let’s Talk Lash Prep

Clean lashes are the best canvas to work on. Educating your customers to clean their lashes on a daily basis is an must. I give my customers the Glad Lash aftercare kit with a lash wash, a cleansing brush, mascara wands, and a few brushes. This guarantees they might have the products that are appropriate. I walk them through how to securely clean their lashes and lashes. Answer any questions they’ve before you send them home.2. Pre-book Your Brand New Clients to Their First Publish

2. Educating customers about eyelash extension aftercare

From pre-booking, you are able to address any issues early on. In case the customer is having issues with retention, cleaning or maintaining a brand new lash customer educated, it’so easier to get them on a fantastic program at the start of their lash experience. Often times new customers can be wary of getting their lashes moist — they think they can get damaged or fall off. Explain that water is not the enemy.

3. Makeup and Lash Extensions might be Friends

As a lash artist, I encourage my lash customers to enjoy wearing eye make up the products have to be extension secure. Eyeshadow and eyeliner are ok, so long as appropriate cleaning is done. Volume lash wearers must steer clear of mascara on the fans. Lower lash mascara is perfectly acceptable, especially if it’s formulated to be used with eyelash extensions. Gel liners, if not properly removed, can get caught in the lashes and become hard to remove. Pencil, liquid or lotion liner is a great option. Therefore, look out for products made for use with eyelash extensions, such as these from GladGirl, and enjoy your make up!

4. Lash Masks for Night Time Retention

A whole lot of us sleep on our faces throughout the nighttime. Pressure on the lashes might cause lash loss. Customers sleep intensely on one side. This negative may have lash loss. Consider indicating a brand new 3D sleep mask for those customers so they can protect lashes while they snooze. For protection, try this sleep mask and pillowcase present set by Glad Lash to your heavy sleepers. I have seen very good results for all those confront sleepers.Keep Inner and Outer Corners in Place Longer

5. Add more eyelashes to eye corners.

Corners are very hard for many folks. Utilizing a technique that stretches the lid to the side, exposing the inside corner lashes to assist you get every workable lash. Start at the inside and outer corners so you aren’t emptied toward the conclusion of the service. The key to better retention is to maintain the inners and briefer. Don’t overburden those very small lashes.

6. Apply only branded and the Right Glue

What climate do you live in? What adhesive will work best on your temperature and moisture? This could fluctuate widely dependant upon where you’re from the entire world. These are things to contemplate when your seasons shift along with your adhesive isn’t doing as it had in the past. Maintain your adhesive fresh! Change my adhesive every 4-5 weeks.

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