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Christmas beauty appointments

Between Christmas shopping, decorating the tree, and fending off that common cold, December can leave you feeling a little overwhelmed but the party season is almost upon you!  However busy you may be, finding time to smarten up for the festivities ahead is essential to ensure you look and feel great in time for Christmas.  So make sure you book yourself some Christmas beauty appointments!


To get that all-round pampered feeling, you may want to treat yourself to a little body care before the festivities.  The severe lack of sunshine combined with the effects of central heating can leave your skin a bit dull  so brighten it up by booking an invigorating top-to-toe body scrub followed by a relaxing massage. Slough off all the dry skin that’s accumulated, and get your blood flowing and lymph nodes working. This will get rid of the older skin cells and increase circulation and you’ll feel like a new you with your renewed smooth skin. 


Book yourself a facial two weeks before Christmas.  Our skin is going to take a hit as we indulge in drinking just a bit too much, and sleeping not nearly enough. To beat the effects of dark under-eye circles and dull skin, go for a resurfacing and glow-boosting facial. You’ll see the effects immediately but the intense exfoliation will keep your radiance for even longer.


Make sure to book yourself a pampering manicure and pedicure so that your skin and nails look impeccable. A pedicure is essential to get your feet ready for stilettos and dancing. Having one a couple of weeks before the festivities ensures you’re not risking your baby soft skin in your killer heals.  


Relax for weeks from lash-related mascara stress by getting a gorgeous set of eyelash extensions. Following a short consultation, during which the lash expert help you decide on your preferred style, you can close your eyes and unwind while the stylist works their magic and attaches individual extensions to your own lashes. The minute you open your eyes and see the results, you’ll wonder why you have not got rid of your mascara before.


Professionally shaped brows will give you an instant fresh look with an immediate effect on your face shape and make-up application.

Whether you prefer having your brows threaded, waxed or plucked, have those tricky little hairs dealt with a few days before the event to ensure any redness or sensitivity is completely gone. You can combine the treatment with a tint to define your brows even more, and you will need less brow product to fill them.


If you haven’t booked a hair appointment, do this now.  Hairdressers become harder to get into than a pair of tight jeans once December is here, and you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of time to have your hairstyle  refreshed before your event dates. While there, ask your stylist to show you a few easy party-hair options.  Ask at least for one quick curling technique and a second-day hair up-do.  Say good-bye to split ends, sort out your roots, and pump up the volume with a blow-dry.


Don’t forget sleep in the run-up to Christmas. One way to ensure you are looking and feeling your best for a festive party is to get at least eight hours’ quality sleep a night!

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